General Information:

Dimensions: 3.6 Meter x 6 Meter x 2 Meter

Net Weight: 360 kg – 400 kg

Capacity to Hold Weight: 1.5 Tone

Earthquake resistance: 8.8. Magnitude

Proof: Cold, Warm, Wind, Rain, Snow

Durability: 10 + Years

"Temporary Shelter" Project with being funded by GP-UK and SP Germany aiming to build 100 temporary shelter in KhajaSarBur and Nowzadiha villages of Enjil district is being successfully completed.

In the mentioned project, with the help of concept by Pai Engineering Company and upon receiving full training from the designer himself Mr. Titus Gall and using materials such as Steel Box, MDF boards, Styrofoam, Galvanized sheets, UPVC doors and windows are built in the 360 x 200 x 600 cm dimensions.

This concept has been used in large quantities in earthquake-affected areas of Turkey, Morocco, Kashmir, India, and Nepal for over a decade.

This concept was used for the first-time last year in Khost with lower numbers, and its durability and effectiveness were demonstrated to be valuable in Afghanistan.

With that said, we in the SAFE Organization tried our hardest to bring this "structure" in the earthquake-stricken areas so that those impacted homes may enjoy a comfortable room during this harsh winter.


SAFE Organization

Herat- Afghanistan